Cannabis testing


Depending on where live, finding proper THC testing can be a bit of a challenge. With the passing legislature a few years ago of the use of marijuana medically, we are in new ground in terms of the regulation and testing of marijuana. When you go to the drugstore, you know that you can trust the pills that you buy off of the shelf. There are a laundry list of precautions and guidelines about when and how to use it, but that is not a fault of the medicine. In fact, that is to the point about regulation. We know so much about those substances that we are able to say with a great degree of confidence that pregnant women or people who have had three or more alcoholic beverages should or should not take some such dosage of a pill. When it comes to medical marijuana, we know a lot and we are learning more all of the time. Our knowledge about the substance has increased dramatically in just the time that it has been cleared for medical use.

Cannabis testing is the next step that must be normalized. The potency of medical marijuana is slippery. It is hard to determine what the potency is because of the nature of the substance. It is not created in a laboratory. It is a crop. While I do not know very much about marijuana, I know a thing or two about agriculture, and marijuana is a crop like any other. Different things about the way that it was grown greatly affect the final product. These things can be yearly differences. With corn, farmers work very hard to maintain a consistent strain of corn, but it varies every year. This does not even count subspecies. In the same way that there are different varieties of corn, such as sweet corn, corn for animal feed, and so on, there are different strains and subspecies of marijuana. The difference between corn and marijuana is that the effects of corn are not such that it constitutes a medicine. Because of this, you need to be a bit more careful about the way that you consume marijuana than you do with corn. This is why it is so important to find specialized professional that have their expertise in cannabis potency. From each strain to each sub specie, the medical marijuana that you are administered is going to be a little different. That means that the proper dosage for each kind of marijuana is going to change as well. If you are prescribed medical marijuana by your doctor, the next step is to find a professional that is able to evaluate the potency of your marijuana. We are in a new age in medicine now that marijuana has been introduced as a legitimate treatment. Of course, it has always been used medically but it was done so in an informal manner. We know have the resources to understand medical marijuana and use it in the proper dosage thanks to THC testing labs.

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