Contradictions in the ban on marijuana


We lived during an interesting time, to say the least. There are a lot of reasons one could have for making a claim like the one I just did but there’s one, in particular, that I am referring to today. We live in a country, in a world where attitudes about marijuana have long since been, very negative. Marijuana has been vilified in the United States since even before the prohibition of alcohol and of there’s anything that we learned from that, it’s that people are going todo what they want to do and unless you want to drive the trade and sale of it underground, then you better consider legalizing it so that you can regulate and control it to a certain degree. Perhaps if you didn’t have to worry about going to jail if you grew a little weed, then there’d be less people in prison because of it and we wouldn’t be encouraging all the violent drug cartels to take any and all risks necessary, to get their product across the border to customers in America who demand it. Marijuana was just like anything else, from a free-market standpoint, and it is just as susceptible to the laws of economics as anything else. The demand creates the supply and then supply chains are created in order to transport the supply to wherever the demand happens to be. If the more narrow the supply chain, the better the profits for the supplier but the more chains that are opened up, the more competition there is and thus, prices are likely to drop over time as the market becomes more saturated with product. My point is, if we saturate our own market with our own product then the cartels are naturally going to get squeezed out of business, just like a mom and pop shop might when a Walmart opens up right next to them.

Finally, people were beginning to see that the war on drugs wasn’t a very effectively fought one, nor did it really make all that much sense. We don’t have to legalize everything but if organized crime in America began because of prohibition, then why would we think that forcing something as popular as marijuana underground would create anything different during this day-in-age? Attitudes are changing about marijuana in states like California, Colorado and Washington, they were setting the standard for legalization practices and were regulating the industry by requiring mandatory THC testing for edibles and concentrates. In fact, cannabis testing has become an industry in itself, many labs are cropping up that are able to help the medical and retail dispensaries measure the marijuana potency of their product. Hash, a form of concentrated marijuana was originally very popular in Europe, where it was often smoked with tobacco and became commonly know as, a splif. Hash has begun to make waves in America as it gains more popularity, a lot of people prefer to smoke this concentrated form of marijuana because it’s more potent/and or is healthier than smoking the marijuana flower because it contains little to no biological plant matter.

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